Monsanto RoundUp cancer trial delayed in STL

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A trial scheduled to start later on this month against the agricultural business Monsanto has been postponed for another month in St. Louis, Missouri.  The trial was one of over 40,000 cases that was scheduled to begin this year against Monsanto due to consumers obtaining cancer through the use of their weedkiller known as RoundUp.

The reason for the postponement is due to Bayer, the owner of Monsanto, looking to settle all of these cases as more negotiation is needed at this time.  The strangest part about this delay is that it caused Bayer’s stock to actually increase over the past week by $3 over the past five days.

Why in the world would this stock continue to increase?  The settlement would put a known number on how much the company would put a finite number on the cost of litigating all of these lawsuits.  Also, people will buy Bayer aspirin no matter what may happen with Monsanto.  Even though RoundUp has been scientifically proven to cause cancer, people are still buying the weedkiller because I guess that they want to contract cancer as well.


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