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Roundup by Bayer


The weedkiller manufactured by Monsanto known as RoundUp has been proven by different regulatory boards to control the growth of weeds than any other product on the market.  This efficiency is why Monsanto was bought by Bayer about a year and a half ago.

Even though the product works great on weeds in your garden, RoundUp has a side effect that occurs when used.  Whoever uses RoundUp eventually obtains cancer. Personally,  I would rather have weeds in my garden than have cancer.


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  1. If everyone who used RoundUp eventually developed cancer, it would surely be an open and shut case against Monsanto/Bayer. However, there must be millions of satisfied users who are perfectly healthy, but a proportion, however small, who are not. The case against the company has to be to prove that their product contains carcinogens which can – in certain circumstances – cause cancer. This is similar to the case against tobacco companies, which was very difficult to prove, but eventually it succeeded.


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