Aftermath of January 31st Super Moon

Friday, February 02, 2018

I woke up in the morning and got ready for the gym.  I decided to go at 10 am, but I couldn’t find my house keys. I looked every possible place, foyer, my purses, gym bag, coffee table, between cushions and pillows, and looking around in each room, including the garage. But I couldn’t find it, which put me in a bad mood. I decided not to go to the gym today because I wanted to search for my house keys. I couldn’t do anything until I find my keys. I even called 24-Hour Fitness gym to see if they found keys, and they said there wasn’t any in the Lost and Found box. I decided to change the battery in the MX-3’s remote control for the garage, even though I park this car in my carport. I kept going through everything in each room until I finally found the keys at 4 pm, just in time to change my clothes for hiking meetup. The keys were in the hallway closet, inside one of the pockets of a denim jacket. I remember wearing the jacket for 5 minutes on Wednesday, January 31st at 11 pm because I wanted to see the Super Moon. I just walked outside by my carport and took some snapshots with my iPhone6. It looked very clear, crisp, and bright that I thought I was going to be blinded by the moonlight. Then, I went inside to hang the jacket in the hallway closet. I guess I must have forgotten to take out my house keys from the jacket pocket.

I drove to Woodbridge at 5 pm, and I noticed it was still light outside as well as it was very warm. About 30 people showed up for this walking group meetup. We walked 2 miles around a manmade lake. Afterwards, I browsed with Sue inside Grocery Outlet. I saw some items that I wanted to try out, maybe next time I need to go grocery shopping. At 7:35 pm, I drove home and relaxed. I was happy that I found my house keys, but it messed up my whole day because I didn’t work on my graphic novel or go to yoga or do other stuff I wanted to do.

I took this snapshot on January 31st at 11 pm, in front of my townhouse. I just looked up to the sky, and the glowing white full moon shining brightly was over me.


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