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The first Super Moon of the year 2020

The first Super Moon of the year 2020 will be today, at the elliptical circle the moon will be very close to the Earth and will look more beautiful.

Due to the moon’s 14th date, the light will be 99.7% higher, that is why it has been named Super Warm Moon, it will be seen worldwide. Tonight the earth will experience a full warm moon. When the full moon hits the perigee (point of the closest elliptical circle to Earth), it is called the super moon in astronomical terminology.

It is 7% larger than normal full moon and 15% brighter. This year’s second Super Moon will take place on the night between April 7 and 8 and it will be the brightest super moon of 2020.

The most brilliant Super Moon will be on November 25, 2034. When Super Moon is a hundred percent brighter, it is 2,000 times brighter than its nearest planet Venus.

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