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The super blue blood moon

I know this is a couple days late but I managed to take pictures of the phenomenon that was the super blue blood moon. The pictures below were all my camera could muster, but I was able to to capture it get dark and change color, though it kinda looked like planet Mars because of my camera. Nevertheless, here are some of the pictures I took during the blood moon phenomenon.

Phase complete

This was taken 15 minutes after the blood moon phenomenon. It looks like planet Mars and it's really cool to have witnessed it with my own two eyes because rare moon phenomena such as this are rarely visible in our country.

  1. Nice Shots! The cloud cover rolled in here on the Virginia coast just before the eclipse, all that could be seen was the dimmed glow of the moon thru the clouds. Soon after the geoengineers started spraying their back and forth coverage of the upcoming sunrise.

    • Thank you! They weren’t much of a challenge though, I used a tripod so I wouldn’t have difficulties taking pictures. The only hard part is that my camera was already at its limit of zooming in, and the moon from my camera’s view was still so small, but I’m glad I still managed to take decent pictures!

Getting dark

This is the moon during the process of what I call "getting swallowed by a dark shadow". It's pretty cool because it seems like the moon is going to disappear but it will actually just change colors momentarily.

Changing color

Here you can see the moon already change color into a dark reddish one while still getting swallowed by the dark shadow.

Almost there

The moon completely changes into a blood red color now, though it's still in its first phase of the phenomenon. Notice how the right part is still white-ish.

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