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A Stone

Up the hill, beyond the village, I found a dry creek. It seemed that, on heavy rains, water was still running there. But, most of it was covered with all sorts of herbs. I found colonies of lemon balm plants, mint, chamomile and yarrow. And oregano, on the very edges.

One of the most interesting findings were a pile of beautiful stones. I claimed that it was flint, but my daughter disagreed. She preferred to think it was marble. Who knows, maybe our inner selves made stories according to their (our) preferences…? I am Leo and I would like to think I found a stone that could produce fire. My daughter is an artistic soul and she would like to find marble, Michelangelo’s favorite material. One way or another, we both liked the stone, so she took some photos and I took this interesting story, to make a lovely story one day.


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