Zodiacal nonsense

The name Zodiac refers to the twelve constellations of stars that are of particular interest to astrologers. Everyone knows which “sign” they belong to, but what do they mean in reality?

The plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun is known as the Ecliptic. It is also the plane within which all the recognised planets orbit. Given that the passage taken by Earth round the Sun takes one year to complete, the star background on the opposite side of the Sun as seen from Earth also changes.

The ancient Greeks distinguished twelve constellations though which the Sun appeared to pass. These are the Zodiacal constellations of Capricorn, Aquarias, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. It has to be said that they are not necessarily the most recognisable constellations in the night sky!

One problem with determining these as the Zodiacal constellations is that they are not all the same size, and so it is not true that the Sun is “in Leo” (for example) for one month before moving entirely out of Leo and into Virgo.

(The constellation of Leo. Image by “Bronger”  licensed by Creative Commons for general use)

An even greater problem is that the degree of the Earth’s tilt has changed slightly since ancient times, and this is enough to have disrupted the pattern of the Zodiac constellations in terms of their appearance in twelve equal episodes.

However, these problems do not seem to have bothered the astrologers, who stick to the original Zodiacal dates on the assumption that the mythological attributes of the creatures whose names have been given to the constellations are just as relevant to the personalities of people born at specific times of the year as they ever were.

Of course, given that the whole concept was barmy in the first place, the fact that the Zodiac constellations are in the wrong places makes not a blind bit a difference – it was nonsense in ancient times and still is today!


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  1. I know, it’s like religion. ?
    At least we don’t have wars, or people ringing doorbells, in the name of astrology. ?
    While I believe in astrology, I see it more like genetics than the absolute truth.
    Genetics tell your potential, but the environment is what makes a personality complete.
    Over all, it’s just a way for people to find an identity, just like the personality tests you find on the internet. Who cares if they’re truly accurate, as long as they “help” people somehow. ?

  2. I happen to believe in such NONSENSE as you so call it cause there are
    some things of my birth sign that fit JUST who I am in all ways of the sign.
    I’m hard headed at times mean as a snake if I have to be
    I get mad ALL I see is RED, I can hold a grudge for ever
    I am smart when it comes to finding ways to do things
    I don’t give up that easy on things & steadfast at times
    can you take a hard guess of what sign that is my friend??

    • Hm!! Let’s just say that I’m not convinced! The idea that one tweflth of the world’s population all share the same characteristics because of the month (or thereabouts) they were born in is one that stretches credulity to breaking point!

      According to Western astrology I’m a lion, and according to the Chinese I’m a dragon – that sound like a fearsome combination that does not resemble me in the slightest!

    • You’re right, Norman. I had this response when I posted something similar on another site, from a chap who was perfectly reasonable in every other respect but a firm believer in Astrology. When I told him my date and place of birth he was quite convinced that I was thereby fated to become a librarian. I just wonder if there were any other births in Falkirk at five minutes to midnight on 11th August 1952, and whether those other ex-babies are also now librarians!


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