4.1.20 Insights

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Celeb Psychic on April Fool’s 2020. There are now saying that the Coronavirus is in the air, which is probably forcing people to stay inside house arrest. Maybe they are spraying this coronavirus shit from a plane or something like that. I went bike riding today, for an hour. The weather was nice spring weather, sunny and breezy. There were other people riding their bikes, as well as a social-distancing line in front of Trader Joe’s. I also noticed more cars than usual as well as few people walking around.

Next full moon will create chaos. But Libra Full Moon create balance. April 4th to April 7th, some people will be affected by this chaos.

 Pile 1: connect more romantically…an opening of a door around the full moon…communicating with someone to work and make money together…move foreward…within 3 months…transformation in the relationship…around end of June and July. Someone you know will tell you that they are interested in you. Drink cherry juice. Healing blockage from childhood.

Pile 2: pick your battles…have issues with your past, move on and help others around you based on your past issues. Forgive yourself. You have spending habits to created debt.

Pile 3: in denial and needs to see things as they really are. Doesn’t want to take in the judgment. Accept who or what you are, as well as what you have done. Conditioned from early life so that it doesn’t affect you. Need to let go to move forward. Accept and go with the flow. Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Anna Nicole Smith had died of blood poisoning and there was a broken needle in her skin.

Many people will not be prepared for what will happen next. Something is happening with the murdered kids—they are holding holds in a spiritual war to get their revenge. And the people here will not understand what is happening to them. These kids were food poisoned, which killed them. Seal has been stamped in red. Catherine? The whole thing is braided together and layered. Something is being declared on a spiritual level, praying for the people on earth. 18 hours?


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