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Why I Believe Virily Will Survive!

First, let me say, I never write posts like this, it’s just not my thing.  But, I have been reading many posts about people being frustrated with the site and how things are going.  I fully understand where people’s problems are and they want something to be done.  

I want to remind everyone that Virily is a shared revenue site and that means that yes sometime the value will go down.  But, not that it will not go back up again.

I have been writing for sites like Virily for almost 20 years.  I have seen many of them come and go.  Few have lasted for four years or more.  Virily has a high ranking on search engines.  That is a good sign, and it is still moving upwards.

I believe Virily will survive because of this and the many writers who are still here.  It is truly the writers of the site and the way money is shared that makes a website die or survive!  I believe Virily is doing it right.  I wish there was more interaction with the people who actually run the site.  But, I also know, it takes a lot to run a website.  I think they should enroll a few of the writers here to help them with their big job.

So keep writing and keep interacting.  Remember to share the article and lovely photos here on the site.

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  1. From what I saw with the last site I wrote for and how long Virily outlasted it, I applaud them. I’ll never know what it takes to keep the site running, but I hope I am doing my part because I love getting that little $10 deposited into my account every now and then.

  2. I neither believe or not in Virily. Till it is – I write. Or I write till I want. Communication would be good of course, but if it’s admins’ decision – I accept it. I am just a writer and I will not start pointing out how the site should run.

      • For me, the value going down is just another reason, not the main reason… I was here when it was low and when it was high. The reason I wanted to leave was very personal and I was already quite fed up with their behavior (towards us genrally and how they run the site) much before that so…

          • Thanks, I am glad you understand me… 🙂 Ah………… It is very hard to get over the things that happened and the frustration is still the same but Virily is my “motivator” in a way… I like the creative part as well as I got attached to some of the users so I kinda felt sorry leaving… I actually came to at least say goodbye but wanted to see if I could continue, maybe in a different manner, but it is all very uncomfortable and it actually was even without some things happening, I am not quite someone “built” for this online thing but I am kinda addicted to it now in a way, heheeh… ;D

          • I will maybe try Vocal and try focusing on other things I neglected because of Virily and try to at least reduce Virily to a more healthy “dose”, and actually everything is currently “speaking” against it…: the frustrations with admins, with some users (which is easier to overcome I think), low limits and earnings now

          • If you move to vocal I wish you lots of luck. If I do leave, I would just but my stuff on my blogs. But, for now. I will stay and see what happens. I do enjoy the other writers. My own blogs will become my priority though, and I will come here when I can.

  3. i actually proposed an author council for Virily to the admin team. It was met by crickets.

    I don’t think the admins are going to change their communication.

    That said, as you point out, Virily pays. It has paid for 3 years. That is longer than many writing sites last!

  4. That is a good idea that those who run the site should enroll some writers to help in bridging the communication between the users and the owners of the site. It is the most drawback of the site.

    I believe Virily will survive. There are very few sites that have survived Google’s updates. Virily will make it.

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