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Why are we sleepy when it rains

You might think it’s because of the sound of the rain, but it’s not, no matter how much you like it. The real reason behind the difficulty we face when we have to get up on a rainy morning is the hormonal change, claims the state university in Pensylvania. 

If it’s rainy there’s less light outside, therefore the body secrets less serathonin and more melatonin. That are the hormones responsible for the mood and the alertness. 

The serathonin is a hormone that gives us a feeling of well-being, energy and good mood. When its level it’s reduced the chances are we are going to feel sleepy, tired and melancholic. 

On the other hand, the melatonin is a hormone that makes us feel sleepy. When our eyes detect darkness they send signals to the brain, therefore the melanin starts secreting. The melanine serves to establish the sleeping cycles. 

However, the experts claim that besides the hormonal change, the sound of the rain pays a big role as well. The sound of a light rain, or even a heavy rain, is ewual to the fall of the rain, our brain gets it as a calming signal. 

Moreover, this calming sound covers some less beautiful noices that would disturb or flaunt you, like the sound of the cars on the road or even people calling each other or talking to each other loudly. 


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