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Which country has the best restaurant in the world?

Competition for the world’s 50 best restaurants in Singapore was held and the hotel was ranked after experts’ decision and public voting.

This competition has been going on in Singapore since 2002 and In this competition French Mirazur Restaurant is declared the world best restaurant in the year. While Denmark and Peru restaurants has declared in top 10 restaurants of the world.

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The first top ten best restaurants include France, Denmark, Peru, Spain, Thailand restaurants. The restaurant’s classification has been kept in keeping with many things, the most important food quality. Remember , Mirazur restaurants has been awarded in 2006 as well. The Mirazur Restaurant, situated in France’s famous recreational location, is bestowed on the best views, creating pure vegetables on its ground and being the best of the staff.

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The restaurant chef said, “It’s a great honor for me, now I feel like flying in the air . Chef is from Argentina.

The world top 10 restaurants : –

  1. Mirazur Minton Restaurant France
  2. Noma Copenhagen Restaurant
  3. Asador etxebarri Spain
  4. Gaggan Restaurant Thailand
  5. Geranium Resturant
  6. Central Restaurante Lima – Peru
  7. Morgaton Resturant Spain
  8. Arpège Resturant Paris France
  9. Disfrutar Resturant Spain
  10. Maido Resturant Lima Peru

In this listing,  thousand of expert were taken on board for help.

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