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A post-build around three pictures. My wife is very creative. She is continually coming up with fun and exciting ways to create fun things in the house. The first is a chair she made for her side of the bathroom. When we first saw this house, we fell in love with three things. One was the fireplace in the living room, and the second thing was the front entryway of the home. The last thing was the vanity in the master bath. I assumed I would get a vote, but there was no voting. I got a smaller vanity area. My wife has a small desk area, so she had a chair there. She decided to make the chair into a mosaic. I think she did an excellent job, although it is unfair that she got a much bigger vanity.

The second picture is actually of my wife wearing an elf hat. I don’t know why she wore that hat. But one year in preparation for Christmas she wore that thing every single day. My wife is an actress with love. I mentioned that she is very creative. Her greatest joy in High School and college was acting in plays. I suspect if she had more time, she would still be doing games. But now she is also happy to wander to our favorite theater in Olney, Maryland, and watch a play with her husband. I sometimes look over to see her mouthing the words along with the actor. (I am kidding she doesn’t do that). Our very first official date as a couple was going to a series of one-act plays.

The last picture is the gift that keeps on giving—our dog, who continues the bow tradition. When Fran was less than a year old, she experienced her first family Christmas. Our daughter put a bow on her forehead (Frans), and for the most part, it stayed there. Gwen would very rapidly knock the bow off. Dylan will keep it for a time, but eventually, it will come off his head. Fran would keep it until she got up, then it was gone. Raven, on the other hand, will stand where the bow fell off until somebody puts it back on her head. This year will be the 20th year that we put a bow on a dog’s head on Christmas morning. That is hard to imagine when I write the number down.

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