Why use of hijab in advertisement?

Rights about the hijab are hot topics between female scientists, conservative and secular ideas, but this time, Muslim women are questioning that the use of hijab was used in advertisements.

Speaking to BBC Trending, a journalist praising Hurse, about the latest advertisement of Puppy, which was taken to Kendall Jenner, said that a billion dollar worth a company showed a Muslim woman to be progressive. Has given effect

Not just a Pepsi sole company, which highlighted the hijacking of women. Recently, Nike also designed hijabs for women players who will be available in shops from 2018. H & M has used the first Muslim model in this hijacking ad.

Nominated hazardous fashion bloggers and makeup teachers for hijacking women are also subject to discussion. Bakhtian believes that a holy thing is being crushed in commercial advertising. Khadija Ahmed, editor of a new online magazine “An Admiral”, wrote his personal story that he wore hijab for two years and then decided not to wear it. He told the BBC that he was a social In the media and advertisements, women felt pressure on themselves wearing a hijacking. I do not think the brands are benefiting us. We do not need to verify big or popular companies for their identity. Ahmed says that these Muslims do not help women, but those who wear hijab are decreasing. I understand the hijab worship.

The question is why these brands are interested in showing a religiously-known dress.


What do you think?

Written by Danish Ali Memon


  1. If I’m not mistaken a woman wearing a hijab was on the cover of a Playboy magazine. Why the use of hijab in advertisements? The answer is simple. You, the seller, advertise to people who will buy your product!!! If your target customer base is hijab-wearing women, guess who’s going to be in your ads? Muslim women are still women and women like to buy stuff!!!

  2. I think enlightened corporations strive to seek diverse constituents and figure that recognizing hijab is a way to gain market strength. I’m not certain of their motives, but at a time when Islamophobia is on the rise it is helpful to see advertising that presents positive images of Muslims.