Alarming thoughts of women

With the spring approaching, more often than before, women start to overcome alarming thoughts about their own attractiveness: that you need to lose weight, tan, put your hair and skin in order, buy new cosmetics and update your wardrobe – you know yourself. 

And there are a lot of all sorts of factors: seasonal hormonal changes, and unusually light clothes after the cold, and, of course, the comprehensive work of marketers and the media.

The perfect woman looks like in advertisements and you don’t look like these girls? Horror and shame! Hate yourself urgently and finally start doing this and that, spend your money here and there. 

The multibillion-dollar industries of glossy beauty, diets, fitness, and wellness know what they are doing – fewer and fewer women are self-satisfied. And in order to keep your mind healthy, you have to consciously protect yourself from these constant interventions into what could be beautiful in its naturalness.

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