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Just thought I would make this poster to remind everyone to hit that like button. I have done it as well, you come to a really good article, you read it, and comment. Hit the how you feel buttons and forget to hit that like button. I have on numerous occasions had to go back just to click on the up vote button. I wonder if it is the placement of the button itself? I think it would be better to put it above the how you feel button, but that’s just me. Or is it?  Anyhow…. Just a short reminder..

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  1. I get virils when someone views my post, comments on my post and when I view someone’s post, comment on a post but never get virils for up voting. I get a notification informing me that someone has up voted but no mention of virils earned. .

    I always up vote and thought that someone will earn from an up vote.

  2. I have been having trouble getting the Love it button to react. I always try to use it, but I can’t tell if it is working every time. I wasn’t sure if it helped with points or whatever, but I felt that it was nice and supportive in any case. I am really glad that you brought up the subject so that I could remember how frustrating it is at times to not know if the LOVE IT is registering.

    • I use a computer and not a phone. On a computer, it turns purple if you click it, and did you know you can click three emoticons per article? They still arent as important as hitting the like or upvote button though. They do not add points, but sure are cute. I try to click on my favorite three emoticons. I always hit the win button, the love if I really love the article, if its funny I hit the cute button too.

  3. And I see this problem. And there is another thing you like. You love precious time. But there are people who just love to get. I may be late, but when I have time I review all the posts. I’m pretty busy with my grandchildren. But they will soon start school.

  4. You have the same caring as me. Another thing is so many friends who only care about his own work, but no matter the work of other friends. Your difference with me is that you declare it while I choose to let it. But anyway, this is a good advice, good reminder, wise and definitely useful! thanks.

      • Hahaha… I do not judge you at all, O my dear friend, I just see that so many posts from many friends, those who often comment are generally the same people. While there are other friends who just post their works but don’t care about friends who respond to his work, let alone to care the work of other friends. My best friend, this is not a scolding, it’s just the impression I got so far. I also can not afford to open, read and respond to all the posts in Virily!

  5. I usually upvote on every single photo, and the post itself, but always forget the emotion since it is pretty much at the bottom of the page. I am new here, and I really don’t understand what importance does an upvote has? Please kindly advise…

    • You get points for your articles by upvoting, comments and reads. The emoticons do not have any value, but are cute. I found that you can click on three of them per article. It is also listed in the How do you make money on Virily in the FAQ or maybe help section. We are still trying to find our way around here. Hope you like it, I really do.

  6. Okay, so analysing the page, here’s its current order:
    – Main photo
    – article
    – related posts
    – upvote
    – comments
    – reactions (emotions)
    – ads and then more stuff nobody looks at

    I just looked at this on my phone, and there’s a lot going on! It might be easier to find the upvote if it (and the emotions) were directly underneath the article, before ‘related posts’

    • Right now, you don’t get points for reactions, but they are cute. I have a routine, I pull up the article and read it, hit the like button, then comment, and ad three reactions, but if I read the article and comment first, I forget to go back up the hit the like button.

  7. I think it would be a good idea if the emotions and the upvote were in the same place, but I think that the position of the upvote is ideal, just at the bottom of the article. I have no idea why people are upvoting less recently, but I have also observed this phenomenon. I am careful to upvote everything I read (with a very few exceptions).

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