Three things that will bring the balance back to your life

By finding the center of your physical body and your spirit you would build a brand new world by which you could connect to the Universe. That center defines your being and life which are constituted by events. You are most likely to bring back the balance into your life starting by the right way of using the emotions and your intellect. The following tips will help you to become the confident person you always wanted to be.

New experiences

When you spend all your free time indoor or only inside your room where you feel safe, everything around you dies. When the brain prepares for something unknown, the life inside you begins to wake up. Just like the meditation awakens the consciousness,your brain will begin to prepare itself for new experiences. 

Become aware of the the things you do not know yet

When you become aware that it’s totally a human thing not to know everything, your ego disappears. The knowledge is in fact a ton of information and with the process of learning we become more open and ready to experience new things as well as we learn to live in the present moment. 

Be present and aware

The past is nothing but memories while the future is nothing but wishes. You always have just one moment present therefore make sure you are always ready to grab it and enjoy it! In case you miss the given opportunity you would have to satisfy yourself only with the illusion of the past and the future, which is something that in fact does not exist.


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  1. Great words but hard to do at times.

    …”The past is nothing but memories”. When those memories are all you have left of someone, it is very difficult to get through at times. But we keep pushing forward. Baby steps.

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