The Magic Of Being Mindful

When I was about eight years old, I discovered an amazing fact – I’m actually alive, on this planet, in this universe! And so is everyone else. The fact that there’s a universe at all is amazing, but that I’m in it too . . . that was mind blowing. I started going round telling everyone, but they didn’t share my excitement.

 I saw adults mechanically going to work and doing the shop- ping, and friends playing games, but I was conscious of an incredible sense of existence happening that they weren’t able to share. It was like an amazing set of fireworks was exploding, but everyone was looking the wrong way. As I grew up, I began to lose my grip on this sense of wonder until I stumbled upon mindfulness and a range of philosophies.

 I was relieved to find others who’d contemplated questions similar to mine, and to learn a way of managing my stress at the same time. I continue to enjoy asking the big questions, and find that mindfulness beautifully compliments my natural tendency to be philosophical.

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