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Umm Wow. I don’t recall the exact reason for this post. Clearly I was not happy. There were many errors in it. I was looking for another post to correct (yes still bugged about the armadillo.)

I sure do hope the authentic me has become more measured and thoughtful over time. I was quite sarcastic about the virils at the end of this. Sometimes looking back helps to make some positive changes looking forward. I hope that is what this edit does for me.

Why am I writing this story? Well, I got another personal message. (Wouldn’t it be nice if someone sent me a nice one?)  I write what I see, feel, think, experience, hate, and love. I guess I am rather unfiltered. I believe when you read what I write you see the authentic “ME”.

It could be that my whole life some days is nothing more than a very bad country song. But it is my song, my ideas, my life and who I am. 

I generally read your work and try to politely comment. Sometimes I say nothing at all. If I know I have offended someone I try to make amends and move forward.

Now you will see a whole bunch of quizzes that are covering the same topic. I bet someone says why don’t you just put them on one. Because it can take up to four days to get eight questions to show up correctly. It is hard. They change, disappear and then come back. So just enjoy all of them 8 questions at a time. If you hate them, go ahead and tell me. I can always use virils.


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  1. I had a recent interesting trip down memory lane and found posts that I have saved from long ago. They are interesting to read because they are about my life in Latvia. I decided I would post them as-is and include a note that it was written at a much different and earlier time so people might find it interesting how things changed for me.

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