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The Soon to be New Life Chapter in Our Lives, part two

All that I previously related happened about 15-18 years ago. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the first part. It is integral to understanding this part.

To take off from where I left off, I’ve had a special sadness in my heart in regard to what I lost. Okay, it isn’t about me and never will be, so I’m selfish, but that sadness has still plagued me for at least the last 15 years. When you love someone so unconditionally, losing them has an impact.

I loved Asti so much that my life expectations revolved around her. As I was repeatedly reminded in many ways, love is never wrong. God is love. My selfish expectations were what is wrong.

I prayed again and again that someday, I might see Asti again. I prayed that I could tell her that I love her before I die and return home. Although my faith continues to grow, at times I didn’t think that this would ever be an answered prayer and that God couldn’t make it happen. (Are you kidding me? There is literally nothing that God can’t do.) 

Early this year, Cat was put in touch with Asti, who was looking for her biological mother. Lord help me, I’m crying as I write. It is hard to see the keyboard.

At the time of the first contact, Asti was 17, soon to be 18 (as of late June). Asti was in a bad situation with her adoptive dad. Her adoptive mother passed away last year and dad has remarried. Asti plays second fiddle to everyone in the home. After several exchanges with Cat and with myself, she has asked to come home to us. Naturally, her adoptive father is completely against the idea, having believed the stuff CSD in Oregon told him and not realizing that they were only after money, not the welfare of a child.

Asti is a legal adult now. She has many of the same issues her mom had in the past. It will be a difficult transition for all of us. But in the next couple of weeks, we will be making the 1,200 mile trip from here to Pueblo, Colorado, where Asti currently lives, to pick her up and bring her home. 

I’m an old man now and I can’t offer her the standard of living that she might be accustomed to, but I can offer her the agape love that has never changed through all those years. I don’t know what we will encounter when we get there. If you are predisposed to offering prayers, I ask for you to pray for us.

I’m certain that there will be difficulties to overcome. That comes with life in general, especially in situations like this. Truthfully, I feel inadequate, but I have love to sustain me and I am excited about this new chapter in our lives.

All of this is something very few people know about my life and my past. Incidentally, the picture is of Asti and she is the spitting image of her mom at that age. She thinks she is ugly. I think she is beautiful. Can you see the Cherokee in her?


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Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. inadequate, has never and will never be a word that describes you. You know that God steps in when you need the job done. Your heritage holds answers and wisdom. Yes thousands, even tribes of people are always praying for you. This is just another chapter and and exciting one. Your wisdom is immense. Use all of your resources. Freely accept the help of those who love you. Safe travels.

    • Thank you so much! I am excited about it and I look forward to it, yet I also know that it will be a time of transition for all of us. My love for my granddaughter has never wavered, though. Still, there is always room for more growth and I embrace that. Sometimes I do get a little down on myself, but that is something I need to continually overcome.

  2. I already see a happy ending of this story that brought so much pain. I am so happy for you and her. And I hope you will hug each other very strong. you will give her all your love and care. I believe that. Have a safe trip and take her HOME.

    • That is true and sometimes God uses the event to wake people up, too. When all of this happened, it was a dark period of our lives and we were luke-warm Christians at best. Had this not happened, there is a good chance that I wouldn’t have started studying the Bible and I would have probably never thought to become ordained.

      God doesn’t cause the bad things to happen, but He loves to turn bad into good and weakness into strength.

  3. I am so glad to learn that this story will have a happy ending, and so sorry for all those wasted years.

    I was adopted when very young and had an excellent upbringing in a family that was always “mine”. I know very little about my natural family and have no wish now to make contact with any blood relatives – although I did at one time.

    Every situation is different and must be judged on what is best for the child. How any social services agency could think that taking a child away from grandparents who were providing excellent foster care is something that I simply don’t understand. It would never happen here, and I hope that it doesn’t still happen in the modern USA.

    • Thank you, John. I’m sure that it does still occur in some places. That can happen when there is a monetary incentive to disregard the children. There is also a double standard that is involved. They make efforts to return children to mothers who are addicted to drugs, for example, without requiring therapy and with no supervision.

      Still, I am exceptionally grateful that I’ve lived long enough to see my granddaughter again.

  4. Now I can say after commenting on the first part that I am so glad for you. For some reason when I commented before I just had a feeling Asti would find you. I was right the Lord led her to you. I am so glad that you’ll be together again. She is a beautiful girl. She makes me think of that lovely flower the Cherokee rose. Please, the reunion story and photos. So looking forward to that.

    • I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

      For a long time, I couldn’t even talk about the situation. It hurt too much. However, I believe that God’s timing is perfect, so there is a reason that the time is now.

  5. She is beautiful Rex. I know you will know the right thing to do. Have a safe trip and know that money is not what is needed to make a happy home. But you already knew that. Always in my thoughts, you and your entire family.


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