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Let your mind wonder

You know you need a break

it is time to reflect

upon what is good

loving and kind

If people live

with nothing but

sadness and grief


will soon appear

into a world

of no return

because without love

hope will prove

to be

beyond reach

Love what is still real

bright and colorful

love is like

a rainbow

arched waiting

to see

that once in a lifetime

pot of gold

that is within us all


My sister Brenda inspired this poem. She lost her son a short time ago as most of you know. I am trying to help her, instead of maybe her having to go into a hospital. I pray my husband and I can be enough to help her to start the road to recovery.  She has a daughter, and her two grandchildren. She still has me, and her mother. She acts like she has nothing to live for. She is doing better than yesterday, so that is a blessing there. I have always been the strong one in the family. I feel week, but when you have to help a loved one, nothing is impossible. Pray for her! This poem has an important message. It is all about trying to search for what is still good in the world, instead of dwelling in the past.


What do you think?


Written by LaJenna

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  1. Inspirational beautiful poetry. Yesterday I wrote, a miracle is there for those who realize it, who want to see it by opening their eyes. They are who willing to open their eyes will see the beauty of today’s reality and not our dream yesterday, which has passed. I pray that you will be able and successful to motivate Brenda so she is willing to open her eyes, but I am sure that your sincerity will fructify something.


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