There Was No Love – part 16

I  once read a study about assumptions.   How people take them for facts  and act on them.

My office, thinking I was the grieving widow, gave me more leave than I deserved, more money than I was owed.

I kept my face averted for it was hard to appear heart broken when I was terribly excited about leaving.

I purchased a ticket for a year long cruise.  I picked the one that was leaving as soon as possible.   I would have to fly to another city, board the ship from there.


I had more money then I could count and selling my car topped that.

I stayed at a small guest house near the airport, flew out early the next morning.  I was at the dock when I called our children, called them when I knew their phones would not be answered.

I left a message;

“Darling,I’m going on a trip far away, and will be back next year. I love you.”

Then, I boarded the ship, was led to my little room, put down my bags, and just breathed.  For the first time in thirty three years, I just breathed.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar