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Such Stress! ~ Choices, Goals, Husband and Accountability

I made a hard decision. I thought it through and I believed it was the right decision for me. Then I told my husband and he stopped speaking to me. He wouldn’t say a word. He just glared. This morning when I got up I thought all would be well. I thought his anger would have passed and there would be very little memory of our conversation. I should have stopped thinking because it didn’t work that way.

I had told it was time to stop Virily. It just was not worth the time spent. He was angry. I hadn’t realized how very important it was to him to be here reading with me and see the things he has come to love. 

This morning he asked if he was worth fighting for because he was broken, kind of likeVirily. It broke my heart. 

I know that tomorrow or in ten minutes it could all change. Alzheimer’s does that. But today he needs Virily. 

I got everything done yesterday. 

~ Prepare the ten meals they have to choose from the menu and have them ready to go in the slow cookers. 

~ Check medications and verify the nursing schedule online for the week.

~ Go to physical therapy (thank goodness he works with my schedule).

~ Rethinking Virily

Now today January 6th

~ Calm my husband

~Work 14 hours

~ Strive to be a part of a Virily Solution or find a substitute activity for my husband to enjoy with me. 

 It’s one of those kinds of days. I need solutions. 

Here’s a link in case embedded is still broken.


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  1. Now really Virily could be a fun and calming platform for both you and your hubby even if on certain days he does not remember much. It could be the link to keep binding yourselves together. Come on let me tell you I am a struggling writer with four blogs, constantly looking for more writing work, and writing for at least 6 different sites but unlike Virily I do not go to the others ever day. I constantly need to see a trickle of money come in. Of course, I do not have your stressful situation or your problems but I can tell you when I feel all knotted and start to wonder where the next penny is coming from being able to get online and interacting with online friends is worth all I go through. Virtual hugs to you.

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