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Someday ~ 365 Photos Challenge #71

“Someday, you, we will laugh at this incident!” That’s what I told a friend, more than fifteen years ago. At noon, my speech became a reality!

This afternoon I met an old friend. Actually, he is a friend of my brother-in-law. First time to know him, he is having personal problems, for he fell in love and infatuated with a girl who actually just want to have fun to drain his prosperity. He, though married (though haven’t yet a child) was unable to resist the girl’s charm and seriously intends to marry her. But unfortunately the girl keeps playing him by asking lots of excuses and conditions, and if all conditions are met, there will be new requirements, and so on and even sever the relationship while still asking for this and that.

All this has made my friend suffer and despair until one night, in my house, after I talked many things to make him aware, he fell silent though continued to shed tears. But suddenly he grabbed a pen in his pocket and immediately plugged it into his neck! The effort failed because I had time to block the end of the pen with the palm of my hand, right on the neck! At that time I rebuked him loudly and even snapped at him loudly, “Coward!”. After he calmed down, the above sentence I say firmly. Today he laughs loudly recall the incident! I am glad that he is now living in peace and happiness with his wife and three children.

There is a phrase in Betawi, a native of Jakarta, “The world is not as wide as the kelor leaves!” (or merunggai, Moringa oleifera) or “The world is not as wide as the armpit!”, to say we should not be petty, narrow-minded and overly focused on our problems. Like the photo above, everything that looks just red, a little white and dark shadow even though the little plant is actually located in a vast garden with a variety of plants and colorful flowers. Being that way, because I took the photo from a very close distance, even sticking to its leaves!

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  1. I guess, he was lucky you are his friend. If I was his friend, I would have kicked his ass, slapped the back of his head, flicked his ears and called him donkey hahahahahaha more, I would have told him to go and kill himself but first to get an insurance where I am the sole beneficiary lol! And I am not kidding. I did that to a guy actually so in his book I am his bestie as well as the crazy (coz I do what I say), scary (temper), ugly (among the adjectives this one is the only truth) lady. I told him to order another friend from Amazon. Lol!

  2. Always tell the truth to a person. That’s what real friends do. You help him a lot. For your friend, here’s a very important truth. When the door of happiness closes, another opens. But while we look at the closed door, we will not see the open door!

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