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Singing Better: Evolution of the Disney Princess – Evynne Hollens

I’ve mentioned several times that I’m not a voice coach, I’m hoping to help others sing better, but I’m still learning, too.

Evynne Hollens is a voice coach and several of her husband’s (Peter Hollens) songs have been shared here. Having earlier written about controlling head voice and chest voice, I want to share this because Evynne is a master at it. In this Evolution Of The Disney Princess, she uses both head and chest voice. I want you to see if you can tell which she is using from what I’ve written so far. No, this isn’t a test. It is meant to get you more aware. I will give one hint, though. When she sings as Princess Jasmine, it is with a full chest voice. Notice the stupendous strength of her voice there. That is distinctive with a chest voice. As one might expect from an excellent vocal coach, she nails this one. Also, notice her expressions, since not much of her body language can be seen.


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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    • Most people don’t. It is a shame, too, because by noticing these things a person can appreciate the skill of the singer just that much more. In fact, many singers don’t really notice, either, but virtually all really great singers do notice it and use it. Listeners tend to just think, “Wow, that person is really good!” without ever quite knowing why.

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