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Mariah Carey – Emotions Mariah Carey Female example of Falsetto

To give an example of a male falsetto, I used Barry Gibb’s falsetto when he sang Staying Alive, with his brothers, the Bee Gees.

However, when I wrote about using falsetto, I mentioned that women sometimes use this voice, too. Here is a well-known example; Mariah Carey. In this case, she is singing Emotions. Most of what Mariah Carey sang used the head voice. It allowed her to consistently sing the high notes. She didn’t need to worry about volume since she was good at knowing where to hold the microphone and because she was a master at singing with her mouth nice and wide, so she seldom needed to use the chest voice, though she does use it just a little. However, a little way into this song, she abruptly switches between the head voice and falsetto. The result is that her voice abruptly jumps a full octave, without ever lapsing into a whistle voice (which I haven’t yet written about). You should be able to easily detect when she uses falsetto and this is an example of a woman using falsetto for a specific sound. It isn’t just men who use this voice.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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