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Learning to Sing Better-Listening to a Vocal Coach

Read first: I started this series with the idea of helping anyone who, like me, wants to sing better. I mentioned early on that I’m not an expert, nor a vocal coach. I also said that I get a lot of information from actual vocal coaches. I’ve showcased Evynne Hollens, who is not only a singer but is also a vocal coach. This one is by my favorite online vocal coach, in terms of what I learn from her, especially in her reactions to songs.

In this one, the coach, Tara Simmons, reacts to O Come, All Ye Faithful, performed by Voctave. Tara mentions a number of things that I’ve already written about, but she is a professional and I’m not. After watching this video, you might understand how I can get so much information from her youtube reactions. Honestly, if I had the money, I’d enroll in her course in a heartbeat. I’m not about to start a Go Fund Me page just to sing better.

The great part is that afterward, it is easy to have a greater appreciation of this rendition by Voctave.

Have you ever sung this song, perhaps while caroling?


What do you think?

Written by Rex Trulove


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