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Sharing is Caring Challenge

Carol DM started a challenge, and I believe this is a top notch challenge. Helping others is what life is about

This is the rules straight from Carol DM latest post about the challenge.

During the month of April, let’s share our knowledge with each other. It can be anything from useful sites and apps, through health advice to life lessons and even different tips and tricks. In order for all the posts to be in one place, let’s use the hashtag #sharingiscaring.

Poetry is another way of helping others cope through their stressful loves. Could even be a healthy recipe to calm what has the mood elevated in stressful ways.

Stress can hurt many areas in our lives. It can hurt our physical bodies, and our mental state of mind. Why not set back and read some” Sharing is Caring” in the challenge section, then watch better days appear.

Carol DM’s challenge inspired this poem.-Find peace and learn how to live again.

Sharing is Caring  Challenge: Keep breathing!

Count the seconds that you breathe

Never wind up defected and out of breath

For without breath

our monitors would all fail

never again to tell any wise tales

The tales of our lives

should be as sharp

as razor sharp knives

so we can all enjoy




every breath that we take.

Image credit-Pixbay


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Written by LaJenna


  1. A+++ for you. Stress is a danger that targets every aspect of life, but like a pump, stress merely replaces awareness breathing every while we are not aware that breath is the pump of the flow of life.

  2. Actually Ellie started the challenge, I just posted my first post for her challenge.
    This is a great addition LaJenna. I can relate to your words.