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Ellie has started a new challenge called Sharing is Caring. This is how the rules read… During the month of April, let’s share our knowledge with each other. It can be anything from useful sites and apps, through health advice to life lessons and even different tips and tricks. In order for all the posts to be in one place, let’s use the hashtag #sharingiscaring.

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After many tragedies in my life, I have learned a lot of lessons. Good and bad ones. Probably the best thing I have learned, are these words…. On the hardest days… just breathe. Taking long deep breaths have saved me many, many times. During grief and pain everyone reacts differently of course. After losing my son I would have many times every day where I could not catch my breath. Literally. I finally learned there is healing in how we breathe. I am sharing this in case there are others out there who are dealing with issues, stress, etc., this type of meditation has saved my life. Close your eyes. Breathe in, hold your breath, then breathe out. Repeat this as often as necessary. That is my life lesson for now.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. I often do this, but never thought about it being a coping strategy for sorrow. I do this when I want to calm down, especially after I go to bed and still feel too wired to go to sleep. I can see there are many ways to use this kind of breathing to ease any kind of stress.

  2. so sorry to hear of your loss but your right sharing is caring & to breath
    can do a lot of things to help the grieving process of it all & to have
    someone you can talk to helps too but mainly you have to over come
    the best you can through the hard times to get past the pain & hurt.

    • I have had so many losses over the years, of course losing my child was the worst ever. Talking can only go so far, this breathing technique really helps me. Thank you for your kind comment.

  3. Experience being the best teacher of all. After crawling thru the fire and rain and whatever life threw at you. To hold your head up still bearing the scars and in that stance choosing everyday to love over being bitter is truly a remarkable thing. Well done my friend well done! Keep going you will never know who you will save along the way.

    • You are such an inspiration and always offer encouragement. I appreciate that. I keep going because I know Dustin would want me to live and find happiness along the way.

    • Thank you Albert. I mean these words literally, I could not breathe. Breathing in and out sounds simple but it is something that has to be learned, to do properly.

  4. It is my birthday today, and this challenge is going to help me focus on helping others rather than think about stresses that have been surrounding me. Thank you dear Carol!

  5. In one comment I read about your method. I started using it and had a positive effect. And I will join the challenge. I already have an idea. I hope to have free time today. Thanks for this advice.

  6. It takes a lot of strength to go through all the pain you have experienced. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful message and helping others with your wisdom, Carol!

  7. Humm, lessons are harder for some. I followed an example and I paid a price. The one I learned it from did not. Interesting and I figure it is because I have made more mistakes and have more to learn. At least I hope that is the case. No matter we all have our lessons to learn. Nice post.

    • Absolutely, I could talk all day about tragedies and how to get through them, etc. But we can all get through it just takes different ways for each of us. One day at a time is not a cliche, it is true.