Selfie – 365 Photos Challenge #8


I don’t actually feel good. My throat has been itchy of the third day and my nose has been running since yesterday. (I wonder where it is now? Hehehe)

Anyways, as I was pondering what I need to do increase my earning online, my tablet went into sleep mode and saw my reflection.

Since I don’t plan to go out much today, I thought I would take a selfie… With the mask on. Not because my nose is no longer attached to my face, it’s rather because my allergies is acting up and I kept on sneezing when it does.


I actually took a photo of the reflection rather than using the tablet’s front camera.

Since my post #7 is still waiting approval, I will post the link on my next entry.

I challenge…

It’s day 8, it’s time to challenge two other members..

The artist @tasartcraft

And one of my early Virily friends @Gina23. I know you are quite inactive nowadays, I hope this challenge will bring you back.

Please visit my post for the rules.



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