Real Life Story: The Unanswered Dream

When I was having a troubled soul, I randomly dream about being at the seaside. I was running so fast and scared for my life and the strong waves of the sea were raging towards me. In my dream, I kept on running to the end of the seaside but it seems that I am not having a pace from the high sea waves and ready to engulf me. Whenever I awaken from this deep nightmare dream, I was so exhausted and thinking what had happened.

Now, I can still vividly remember the nightmare dream. I tried to find some answers but to no avail. But I don’t give up easily and wanted to know the meaning of it. If I can only know behind my dream, then it would never be a puzzled state. Thus, I haven’t found the most concrete fact to know the meaning of it.

I still brushed off this particular dream. I know from my heart that there is always answer for this. I am refusing the idea that there is something that will come. It means that the answers are not available at present. But I have this little faith that the answer will come sooner or later.

As I am in a different level of knowledge, I continued to move on and hoping the answer will be answered and no need to wonder why I had this particular dream. In my own interpretation, the dream is showing me the impact of nothing will happen if I am not going to do some actions, I will remain in a stationary state of life. It is not healthy to be nibbled by such frustrations. We need to face the challenges in life and not always to depend on a dream. I need to overturn it and find ways to achieve personal interest in doing something.


What do you think?


Written by Steven Gamboa

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  1. Its an interesting dream. Just take one day at a time and don’t worry too much, you are doing fine.

    I can relate to it, because somehow in this life we feel we have to be superman or superwoman. Its not humanly possible, but it is possible to take each moment as it comes.

    Great to see you are walking in faith. Do that and you will be fine.


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