Real Life Story: The Unknown Voice

When I was a child, I had so many experiences that can not explain to anyone. Some people might not comprehend or disregard the idea of knowing the truth behind paranormal. I vividly remember at the age of 7. I can hear voices at the side of the house. It wasn’t an ordinary day because the clear voices were coming from a woman and it was around 3:00 AM. There is nobody can do this at home and my mother will freak out if people are awake so early in the morning.


During that time, I am with my younger sister and heard the voices. It wasn’t long and seems the woman is talking to herself the pain and frustrations in life. Of course, as young souls, my sister and I were so scared. The usual thing the kids do is to bury ourselves under the blanket.With the comfort of the blanket, we both sleep soundly and dreamt that our old lady neighbor was the one talking at the side of our house.


As I woke up on that day, I had noticed that there are so many people in the neighborhood. I found out it was the old lady passed away early in the morning. I can’t explain how did it happen. I was too young to comprehend and some questions were not being answered. I didn’t attempt to ask my parents or anybody close to me what’s that dream about. Is it coincidence? Does it just happen without any explanation?


I continued random dreams in my life. I never shared this with anyone and think it is my way of knowing what’s going on. These dreams tell things to me that people cannot understand why. Most of these people will be skeptical of the real event of my dream. Thus, I am still a young boy and nobody will not believe me on this. Now, I am an adult person. Let me share my dreams to all you. This will be in series and not confuse the readers.


What do you think?


Written by Shavkat

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    • I think you are not foolish with this concern. I had experienced it for a couple of times while working in the hospital. I can sense that some of my patients are near to their death. I had dreamt about them before knowing it after.

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