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The Man Who Lost His Memory (Part 2)

He went back to the camera and looked through the pictures some more. He thought maybe looking through the images again would somehow jog his memory.

On the side of his trucking business, Anderson was also a talented photographer. The camera was state of the art, a professional camera in the digital age, which he still had not learned to use to its full potential.

The first photograph stored in the camera’s memory was of his wife Destiny. She is five years younger than Anderson, but she still looks like she’s in her 20s. His wife is a dance instructor, and always keeps active. Anderson wondered if the woman in the photo was his sister (and did he even have siblings) or if he was married. He hoped they were married because he thought she was very beautiful, with long blonde hair and shimmering blue eyes.

Anderson scrolled to the next image which was of his three children. He had two daughters, (Mikah and Autumn) and one son (Eli). He smiled when he saw them in the picture, and he knew the lady in the first photo must be his wife.

The next photograph Anderson scrolled to was of him and his best buddy Jason at a charity event his trucking company hosted. Williams and Son Trucking was the name of his business, which he included the Son part of the name because he hoped his son Eli would take over the business when he was old enough.

Before figuring out what the picture was about, there was a knock at the door. “I’m coming,” he yelled at the stranger waiting outside.

“Hi Anderson, may I come in,” the tall stranger asked.

“Yes, come on in,” Anderson replied.

The stranger was another colleague, and employee of Anderson’s. He heard about what happened to Anderson the night before and wanted to make sure he was okay.

“Andy, I heard what happened last night,” he said, “are you alright?”

“I think I am okay,” Anderson replied, “but I have to be honest…..I don’t know you.”

“What do you mean you don’t know me? We were roommates back in college, and you hired me as a manager in your trucking company,” the man replied.

The man, Kyle, felt hurt and betrayed so he got up and left before Anderson could explain his situation. Anderson was now more confused than ever. The man did not leave his name with Anderson before barging out, so he did not know how to figure out who he was other than a former friends and employee.

Anderson walked back to the living room and starting looking through more photographs. After the photo of Jason and him, he clicked over to the next one which was a photograph of the two of them again, but this time the stranger who had just came to the door was there.

The three of them were a great team, like the three musketeers. Anderson felt sorrowful; he may have just lost one of his closest friends because of his amnesia. The clock chimed three- o -clock as his children walked through the door.

“Hi dad,” they all said, “we’re home.”

“Hey kids, how was your day,” Anderson asked them even though he felt like they were strangers.

“Good,” said Micah

“Boring,” Eli stated.

“It was alright,” said Autumn, “just like any other day.”

Anderson did not know if he should tell his children about his spell of amnesia, but figured maybe they would be able to give him some helpful information.

“Kids, I want to ask you something,” Anderson said, “do you know what happened to me last night?”

“What do you mean,” Micah said, “you didn’t come home last night.”

“Where was I,” Anderson asked.

“Well you had gone to the bar with your friend from work,” Micah replied.

“So that was the wild night the caller was talking about,” Anderson stated. Now Anderson knew who had called earlier in the day and left that confusing voicemail, and part of why it was a wild night. Anderson usually did not go to the bar and get drunk and wild. He would have a drink or two just to mellow out, but this time was different.

He still needed to find the rest of the pieces to the puzzle and figure out what exactly happened at the bar. Anderson grabbed the phone and started searching through the contact for Jason’s number, but before he could find it, his wife Destiny walked through the door.

“Honey, I’m home,” Destiny said, “I can’t wait to tell you about my day.”…….

Part 3 coming soon (final part)

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    • Thank you! I have another short shory to share soon as well. Maybe I will be inspired to write more now ?
      Spacing is fixed in the first part now. Hoping part 3 will be up tomorrow!