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Seasons of time

These images are about the Seasons, I painted this woman and a New Zealand summer scene. I am not sure what my woman is looking for. It’s a time where it was typical for people to take a picnic and drive to a nice spot and have lunch. The Pohutakawa tree is in bloom so it’s near Christmas time. It’s wise not to go swimming until a half an hour after eating lunch other wise you may get cramps. Parents should supervise their children swimming at all times.

Autumn comes and for some it’s sweeping up leaves. The woman has a glass of wine, and as age progresses, the wine improves. It’s hoped that a person improves their character as time goes by and they don’t become hard or bitter with age, but gain compassion and understanding for others, self and all creatures and even plants and trees. We live on Earth and we should look after it so that everything our hands find to do, becomes a blessing.

The beauty of Autumn leaves is special and birds and rodents find insects to eat underneath the leaves.

Their is a world inside my illustration here which you can see here.

Now it’s a time in Autumn to bury your tulip bulbs, your daffodil bulbs and the freesia bulbs. Plus a multitude of spring flower bulbs such as hyacinth bulbs.

Winter comes and it seems life dies but then later with spring comes new growth. Even winter can be beautiful.However, time does not stand still and this woman swimmer will emerge on the surface with wet hair. So too, will life blossom at Spring time.

Spring is a celebration of new life and here is the spring maiden rejoicing in the newly picked blooms whose bulbs were planted in the ground in Autumn. Quite often life comes when it has been buried first.  As with time, everything changes.

As you see here like time, the water in this “Gap” of Piha beach, goes in and out and the way the waves come in is dictated to by the moon. The moon dictates to time our earthly tides of all earthly beaches. Maoris planted by the moon and everything in time has a season when things do happen.

The season of the Monarch relies on seasons too. Seasons are as a cycle such as the life of the Monarch butterfly, beginning with the egg, the lavae or caterpillar, and the Chrysalis and finally as a Butterfly.

For everything there is a time and a season and everything in it’s place. The universe has some order and even disorganised people have a form of order, in it’s season and time.


What do you think?

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Written by Pamela Moresby


  1. Hello Pamela, Hope you are well! These are absolutely divine. Your words very meaningful. It has been a busy summer for me, but I am back here for a while hopefully. Much love to you!

  2. I love the images you’ve presented here. Each has a special connection to you, and I love that you shared that connection as well.

    The image with the butterfly is by far my favorite!