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Love this quote from Woody Allen!

Woody Allen has always been unconventional.  I am not always his fan, but he does have flashes of brilliance for my tastes!!

This quote is one of them. You can think of it as a superficial idea, or as deep and profound. I think it really is quite deep. Getting out of our comfort zones, taking action, this can all be successful in itself. Maybe it is always about learning, growing, facing our fears and discomforts. Being brave. Being stronger than we thought we could be.

I am learning to do graphics on for my posts.  It is not easy!  It looks so simple, but it isn’t. I am not a detail oriented person. I am more like an abstract artist!  LOL

I avoided trying to learn or make graphics on the computer for years.  I decided that it is time.  This quote is really relevant for this endeavor. If I just keep trying, I will get better.

I learn new things every time, even though I get so frustrated. It is easier to just have someone else do it – but not anymore. I will keep going and keep showing up.

Isn’t that what life is all about? The journey is supposed to be the message, not the end.

Sally K Witt

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