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Breaking 72 Day Creating Streak

These images were actually created last week, but I am just getting around to posting them today 7/18/2017.  I have broken my 72 day streak of creating and posting every day.  I think what really blew me out of the water was the loss of Internet connection. We were staying with friends for a week and I used up their monthly Verizon HotSpot wireless allowance. It takes quite a bit of bandwidth to upload these full sized images to my Web site. They probably average 75mb in size. I can still post the smaller versions to social media, but my Web site posting is the first part of my daily workflow and is my backup of images in case my computer fails.

We are in Park City and will be taking long day trips this week and attending a Thrive Life food convention next week, so I am giving myself permission to lighten up and skip a few more days during this work/vacation. We should be getting lots more reference photos and inspiration for future work.

Two of these images are based on my Ringing Rocks visit and one is based on a visit to what might have been the beaver head rock mentioned in Lewis and Clark journals. The weird ones are me playing around with a free application called Krita that I have not yet mastered.


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