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4 Statistics about Social Networks

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Social media experts, marketers as well as small businesses with a common goal of raising business awareness, wholly, sales, are thinking about promoting social networking strategies.

For this, they need to take into account some up-to-date statistical information related to the utilization habits of social networking users.

Here are four of these statistics, which can help you, build an effective communication strategy through social media, or you can convince yourself to change the method you’ve relied on so far.

1. Insiders spend an average of 6.35 hours per month on Facebook on their desktops. It’s twice as much as the time spent on Google. Although more and more users are staying on Facebook from their mobile devices, the personal computer still remains the basic, according to the latest Facebook data.

2. Instagram, the social networking platform that was bought by Facebook and which is based on photo publishing, has over 150 million active users. Growth has all the chances to continue at an alert rate, as one third of these users have joined Instagram over the past few years. According to Instagram, this indicates interest in creating and searching for visual content.

3. 15% of the total number of people uses Pinterest. That’s about one in six Internet users. Not everyone, but people with a high level of education and high income. According to Pew Internet, 18% of Pinterest users have annual income of more than $ 75,000.

4. Pinterest and Tumblr have a better performance than LinkedIn and Twitter in terms of the number of minutes spent by users, although they do not have a customer base as big as LinkedIn and Twitter. A ComScore statistic shows that of the total number of minutes spent by social networking users, 1.4% is on LinkedIn, 1.7% on Twitter, while Pinterest gains 1.9% of the time, and Tumblr has a generous share of 5.7%.


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