LaJenna’s PhotoMania Photo-Shoot:

I started a Photo_Mania photo_Shoot Challenge a while back, so feel free to join. Post as few or many as you would like. Just have fun!

Image Credits- the photos are mine and the effects are free options from Photo_Mania.

Photo_Mania-Easter Sketch style

Happy Easter one and all. God bless!

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Photo_Mania-Ink Pen Style

I like this one a lot.  Looks like this one could have been posted in a newspaper.

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Photo_Mania-Paint crafts style

This one looks so bright and colorful.

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Photo_Mania- Solarization Style

What do you think about the Solarization style? I think I look glowing lol.

Photo_Mania Woven Sketch Sketch

I love this woven sketch look.

Photo_Mania- Wood Style

This is a great style from Photo_mania in my opinion. What do you think?

Photo_Mania Retro-Comic Style

I think this Photomania style is one of my favorites.

Photo Mania Orion Style

What do you think?


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna