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Be happy and be yourself

We received one of the most beautiful and meaningful holidays of the year – Easter. It is special in its sense, attributes, in the ritual of egg dyeing. It is the most colorful holiday of the year, full of not only external but also internal light.

Nature also blooms in colors: the sun shines more often, the leaves of the trees brighten every day, and the first flowers of spring delight the eye in a variety of colors. Everything is reborn, waking up after the winter freeze, hopefully setting the soul. The resurrection.

Today, the last eggs are being dyed, who has not yet managed to do so. Every year, using our imagination and skills, we try and try to dye them as beautiful and interesting as possible. Some paint in ancestors’ ways, some in their own, individual way.

We can metaphorically boldly compare and say that we ourselves are like the painted eggs in the world. We are all colored in our own way. Races have colors. Emotions also have colors. Worldwide, color therapy is used for treatment. And what can we say about how different we are due to our character, actions, talents, values. 

We also have our own so-called shell. This is our personal space. It protects us. Some are more open, others more closed and not very inclined to open up. And by being too close to another person, we can be hurt both physically and mentally. The stubborn way and the flexibility of the character could also be attributed to the metaphors of the shell.

Like colors some we like, some don’t like, and others even annoy. So do people in life. And each of them brings their colors and shades to our destiny. And we “roll” in our own way. Who together in one direction, who separately …

Therefore, on the occasion of Easter, using the egg metaphor, I just want to remind all of us that it is the individuality and otherness of everyone that makes the world interesting and beautiful! Don’t try to look or live like others. First, it is impossible. Second, it will only make you unhappy. Don’t compare yourself to anyone! Never! Don’t want to be ideal or perfect – be better happy! Be yourself!

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