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I have made a tough decision. It is about integrity, and what is right and wrong. I’ve done what I can to try and make it right. It didn’t help. I thought I had found a home here, but it’s not a home I can live in now. The simple abuse for personal “fame and gain” is not right. I cannot stand by and pretend that I cannot see it.

We asked for an edit button. Now it’s been abused. (It didn’t take long to take a useful tool and turn it into a weapon of personal gain.) There are so many of you that I will miss. I have cried, yelled and finally realized it is ripping me apart.

I will begin deleting my posts and leave much more room for the one who likes to abuse the system. If the site ever stands up and takes care of the issue, I would love to come home. But to stand by and watch one person take the reputation of an entire site down is not something I can be a part of ~

So many worked so hard to get the edits and the other things we asked for. Please remember to take care of the good guys here. I will miss you.

I am not deleting the account. I am leaving it open because if things change, I hope someone takes the time to send me a message and let me know integrity has come back to a place I call home.

Carol DM, please keep track of the bluebirds, my husband worries. Doc, please keep wandering, I hope someday integrity will be restored and we can come wander with you. For now, we are from the outside looking in and removing posts.

My heart is heavy. Still, if one bad actor can do this and hurt so many, it needs to end. 


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  1. I have yet to notice the “abuse”, as you know I’m not here as often…
    but I do plan to edit some of my posts.

    I’ve my reasons … if I ever edit them, it’s not for the Virils.

    Anyway, I think you do need a break from Virily if its making you unhappy BUT PLS COME BACK after that!!

  2. Nooooooooooo, you can’t leave! This too shall pass, remember? The small things you are referring to will be gone soon, I feel pretty sure about it. Is it frustrating, absolutely, but there will always be those who take advantage and abuse. Please do not let them win.

    I will only update your husband on the bluebirds IF YOU STAY!!!!! 🙁

    • I really don’t know what’s happening. One complaining about another author, passive-aggressively; and one trying to explain and/or vice versa.

      Isn’t Virily a blogging site? We are free to edit our blog posts any time, how many times we update any post we write any time and how many times we think it necessary for the improvement of our posts? I really, and honestly don’t know what other ‘ulterior motive’ an author editing his/her own blogs? And why not?

      I’m not taking sides. Just thinking.


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