Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

Yesterday I sat down and watched a portion of the Impeachment Inquiry Hearing. It went on and on. I kept waiting to hear some actual facts and there were very few.  It seems like one of those  things you either get or you don’t. 

I wanted to hear from both sides and there was very little of that. I now have zero respect for Pamela Karlan.  This is my open letter to Pamela Karlan.

Greetings Pamela Karlan,

I have some observations to share with you. 

  1. Angry words are rarely helpful and typically not accurate. Emotions get in the way. Think before you speak publicly with anger.

  2. An apology that ends with an insult is not a sincere apology. 

  3. Minor children should never be used as political targets.They didn’t choose their parents.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. Strange how so many Trump followers turn up at his rallies in the hundreds of thousands and even Ben Carson is giving him the vote. Perhaps, they and his international followers, myself included, are completely brainless, and we ought to pay better attention to Shifty Adam Schiff and be less critical of his public Faux pas ie. “Witchhunt” over so many “ad nausea” days. Great post Ghostwriter! Here is some more smoke and mirrors:

    • Oh, that could be very true. For many people their minds have been made up a long time. There were people calling for impeachment before he took the oath of office. I am not a fan of President Trump, and I still feel this has been a waste of time, money and effort. There are bigger concerns than hating a man.

        • Oh, there is plenty of doubt. There was no factual testimonies. I carefully listened, watched, read and there is no credible, factual evidence. It is just like swinging a target – Only one side was allowed to produce evidence and what they presented was law theory about what the fore fathers are thinking. They are dead.

          • Wow! I am amazed at what you say,. We actually have Trump on tape saying, in effect “do me a favour and dig the dirt on the Bidens”. What more evidence do you need?

  2. The thing I find extraordinary is that virtually all the Democrats think that Trump should be impeached and virtually none of the Republicans do! Surely Trump either did or did not do what he is accused of doing, and that can be proved beyond any shadow of doubt – so how does one’s politics have anything to do with whether one accepts the truth or not?

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