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Hey, it's Clear Life is Not Normal!

I just feel like I need to apologize and let you know life is kicking my butt right now, so I have not been here every day. This whole new job and Bro’s issues has me tied up in knots. I hope to be back on track. It may take me a couple of weeks. I miss it when I can’t be here to gather smiles, strength, and encouragement. (Did you guys know that you give all that to me and I am so grateful! 

Yesterday my grandson said something that made me smile. “Hey, I am tired of everyone looking like robbers! When will that stop?” 

“Oh well, I am not sure. How about I give you a small squirt gun and you and Grandpa can shoot it out?”

“Umm does Grandpa get a squirt gun too?”


“Well I will think about it!”


I will be here when I can and I will play catch up as long as it takes!

Hope you enjoy this!


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  1. Your grandson has a point and around here people walk about with no masks. I have a mask but I am not putting it on when I go out on Friday. I would feel so stupid and no one does that to just got to the convenience store.


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