Goodbye Virily, Unless You Change Your ways

Too bad I am leaving Virily, I used to love this site. But this last week has proven to be too much for me, and I am highly disappointed in Virily. The reason I am leaving is that Virily is allowing disturbing posts to be posted, and I am not the only one who thinks so. 

I will not remain on a writing site where posts with nudity and torture scenes are allowed. I have reported the post that is the most disturbing to me, and to no avail, it is still up today. So my only recourse now is to leave Virily, which I would rather not do. 

I am unsure if this post will get rejected, I will see by tomorrow. Then I will delete my account, or not, depending on what happens by tomorrow. 

This is unfortunate for me, as I have enjoyed my time here up until last week. There are people I will miss. 


What do you think?

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  1. If this is the reason you do not need to leave the site.
    We have a choice which and whose post we can open and look at.
    When politics is concerned, I simply do not open such a post.
    However, if you decide to accompany you happiness,

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