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This is a constructive notice to readers of my posts here and as well as to the site administrators that all the content that I use in here is completely owned by me and I possess the copyrights to it. If the same content is observed by anyone elsewhere then it is either produced by me (as I write under several pseudonyms) on many websites or that it has been reproduced under due allowance and permission by me. I would take very seriously any hint of my content labeled as ‘plagiarized’ or lifted by anyone whatsoever and would resort to expensive legal remedies. I had observed that some of my detractors resorted to this tactic and I had to chide them in no uncertain terms.

Stay in Peace!

PS; This is my work and I own full copyrights to it.

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Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.


  1. The disinformation floating around the internet, that posting something like this protects you, in fact doesn’t. The reality is if your work is original (other than, as pointed out by the earlier posters) you own it and post it elsewhere first without significant modification (more than 50% is normally required).

    I write on five different blogs every month. In that, I often move information around each of them, but I do always make sure that the content shared on any one is unique to a degree.

    All said if this post is in response to someone stealing your IP, my apolgoies for that.

  2. This site, like many others, is not happy when people try to re-use materials that they have used elsewhere, even if on your own blogs. They will check this by running plagiarism checks, and if they find a match it will not matter if the name attached to the text is yours, that of a pseudonym, or of some third party who has previously stolen your work – your post will be rejected.

    I am in two minds here. I have written articles on many sites down the years, and some of those sites are no longer current. I would very much like to get some further benefit from those articles by re-publishing them here, because they simply do not exist elsewhere.

    However, I have discovered that many of my pieces were plagiarized in the past and the site that stole them is no longer active but is still available on the Web – the net result is that the articles cannot be removed and their originator – me – is not allowed to get any benefit from them on another site because any plagiarism checker will assume that I am the perpetrator!

    The solution is to publish only brand new material or to rewrite your old stuff so completely that it is out of danger of being flagged as plagiarism.

  3. Glower, if you are a writer you must surely be aware that everybody’s posts are equally copyrighted and that posting this doesn’t make one iota of difference. As to “resort[ing] to expensive legal remedies”— ‘expensive’ is the word. And good luck with that 🙂