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This French Apartment Has Remained Unopened Since 1939.

“Perfection is achieved, not where there is nothing more to add, but where there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint Exupe’ry

After 70 years A surprise no one believed years after her passing, the descendants of Madame De Florian discovered that she had been paying rent on the exact same Paris apartment that she fled when she was much younger. When someone was sent to inspect the property, they found something that shook them to their core.

Lots of hateful remarks were left in the comment section on YouTube regarding this French apartment. The person who posted the video said that Madame De Florian’s rent was included in the monthly amount paid for her new house. So it was basically counted with her current rent without her realizing it. Her rent wasn’t canceled in the old apartment because she hastily fled during the German occupation of France. Plus, even if she didn’t pay the rent, the apartment could’ve been left abandoned and not necessarily destroyed.


I investigate dozens of abandoned places featured on YouTube and I am regularly surprised by the pristine condition some places are left in by their deceased or missing owners. fortunately, the vandals operating in the loathsome guise of Graffiti “artists”, and common “grave robbers” who destroy by defacing and removing other people’s property, of the world are fewer in numbers than the modern day archeologists or so-called Urban Explorers who, when possible, research these sites prior to visiting them and, obtain permission from family, neighbors and local authorities, to explore.

Unlike the tomb raiders or archeologists of old, who raided and stole artifacts from unspoiled areas of the world, places like Egyptian Pyramids, Inca, and Aztec sites and also the “Titanic”.  In direct contrast, the modern explorer removes nothing and only divulge these spots to recognized other Urban Explorers. I hope this helps understand the placing of this video.

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Written by Andre Hartslief


Hello, I’m Andre’ Hartslief, Tranquilpen© 2008 “I finally discovered, that man’s whole purpose, is not to do the right things in life or to be good, to be successful or famous. Our entire purpose in life is to express divinity unto everyone and everything. How we do that, is by transforming ourselves completely, from an old state of existence to a new state and if we start removing those limitations piece by piece, It is only, then, that the Creator of the universe and all life, will begin to express himself, unbridled through us.


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    • Hello Fifi, Some de-classified documents were recently released about suspected Nazi sympathizers during the war. Among the 100’s of documents, this one came to light:”In 1943, Chanel took a trip to Madrid with her boyfriend, German Attache’, Baron von Dinklage; where she was to deliver a personal letter to her acquaintance, Britain’s prime minister Winston Churchill. The purpose of the letter was to persuade him to end hostilities with the Nazis. Thank you for reading.

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