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ABANDONED Untouched Hotel & Restaurant With EVERYTHING Still Inside !

As far as I can tell, a lady security guard at this place felt that the now-former staff were told that the place got shut down due to a mix of money issues and bad business practices. One person at top management was found to be stealing credit card numbers, there was a lot of in-staff fighting going on, another manager was constantly just never around, and then there was the whole issue of the place being renamed in preparation for being handed over to a new owner but the deal never went through, which is touched on in the video.

 The ballrooms and that main large room were often used for small conventions, meetings, and receptions. Part of the reason for the hotel’s bad reputation is due to its location. The other hotel that is a stone throw away from this one was known as being a drug and prostitute hotel. You would often have clients from the bad hotel finding their way to this one and causing trouble.

 Guests who stayed at this hotel several times found the place to be nice and clean, but the poor reviews are definitely a reflection of the staff problems. 

FunFact; that massive room in the middle used to be an indoor pool area, but it was filled in/removed a long while ago. Also, the place is supposed to be haunted according to several ex-staff members who had eerie experiences there.


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