On the evening of January 13th, 2012, the cruise industry was forever changed after the modern, family cruise ship, the Costa Concordia collided with rocks and sank off the coast of Italy. The thought of a modern cruise ship with 2100 guests and crew, cabins, and catering to hundreds of families and couples on a regular romantic Mediterranean getaway, would be able to sink as she did, is truly unfathomable.  The video breaks down what happened from start to finish and allows you to check out the true story of modern history’s most famous ship disaster, alongside the Titanic, the Costa Concordia, the flagship, and the largest of the Costa cruise fleet, was also deemed, unsinkable…


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  1. I did not watch the video. It is too early here. I have not heard of that ship. I have heard of the Titanic and ships that have gone down here in Israel because of those that wanted to sink the ship. I also remember ships that were not able to dock here because of the British sending the Jews back to their death because they did not want them to come to Israel. This was during the Holocaust. How sad the world is and so much tragedy.

    • Indeed, Hannihar, your nation, and mine are equally hated by our own. When the few white farmers left here in South Africa were being murdered by the Black people, some Mossad soldiers came here to train our farmers in defense tactics, they did so, free of charge because it was just not right. They are still here and greatly appreciated. At least, President Trump realizes the importance of the nation of Israel, even while his nation is so divided. Shallom.

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