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Do you know what the horses are wearing?

It is known to everyone that the horseshoe is an ancient and perhaps the most famous mascot, carrying in our home luck, success, wealth. And this belief is widespread in many different countries around the world. Why did people start attributing magical properties to such a simple object?

When did the legends of the horses that bring happiness rise?

Numerous legends and beliefs about horses come from real life. In the early centuries of our era, iron has just begun to emerge in Europe. It was very expensive, and every iron thing was of great value.

In the countryside, iron was an exceptional rarity. And when someone found a horseshoe on the street, it was considered a great find. From the horseshoe could be made something – for example a knife or a few nails.

In different European countries there are legends about the horseshoe as a symbol of prosperity, luck and happiness. Here’s an Anglo-Saxon tale of Reverend Dwnson and the Devil.

At the future Archbishop of Canterbury, Dunston, who was also a reconciliation blacksmith, the Devil came and asked him to sway him. Dunston hugged him so loudly and hard that he started to get you out of pain and roll. Praying for freedom, the Devil swore he would never try to enter the gate or door over which there was a horseshoe.

What Horseshoe is Better?

Of course, the best horseshoe is golden. It has a great magical power that brings happiness. Silver and copper are also good. But if you have found a simple horseshoe and it can become your lucky, lucky, good luck mascot.

Where is best to put the horseshoe?

It depends how fortunate you want for your home, for yourself and your family.

If you hook the horseshoe over the door with the “horns” upwards, it will attract your home to prosperity, peace and prosperity.

If you place the window hatch at full moon at home, you will win a lottery, a lottery, get a premium, or raise your salary – that is, so the horseshoe attracts money in the home.

If the horseshoe rides in your car, it will save your life and you will manage to avoid dealing with the traffic police.

If the flowers do not grow well in your home, the horseshoe placed next to them will solve this task. The stunning growth of flowers will be secured.

You want to get help in various important deeds, then dig your talisman in the south-easterly direction of your home. So, in time, you will receive support and your problems will be reduced. Just do not leave it for a long time in the ground, just see some other finder of luck get it to find her …

With what else can the horseshoe hatch their owner? It will help you gain luck, fulfill your covenant, become rich, help you regulate relationships with your loved ones, preserve your health, give you love, and finally send you peaceful prophetic dreams.

As we can see, the horseshoe found is a very functional item that is very useful in the home. Watch carefully at your feet so you will not miss your happiness! Good luck, luck and luck!

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  1. Yes, I have heard of the lucky horse shoe and my sister was also involved in the racing business. In my view horses need to have their feet shoed. The horse shoe is lucky because it saves the feet of horses.
    The legs and feet of horses are very precious to their life and a horse shoe is essential.


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