Between Heaven and Hell – The True Story of Whites in South Africa – Full Movie 2016 / 2017

“You have not lived until you have almost died. And for those who have had to fight in battle and lived, life has a rare flavor, which the coward will never know.” ~ Unknown.

No, This Is Not a fictional Apocalyptic Zombie Movie, it’s very Real and It’s Happening Right Now, as you read this post.

 My family, part of a Dutch group of Vry Burgers, “Free People” called Boers, have been here for 500 years, 150 years before the Black people migrated here from Niger, in Central Africa.

When White people got here there were only two nomadic tribes, the Koi and San, nonwarlike warlike people, similar to the Australian Aborigines, of hunter-gatherers.

We Boers, (the original White Vry Burgers), in 1700 left the Cape Colony in search of some unoccupied land and settled in an area, which would later be called Transvaal, a semi-desert piece of land and went on, to not only change it, but eventually turning the entire region into a productive first world country with a strong economy.

Now, after our ex-President, De Klerk, as you will see in the video, handed our country over to Nelson Mandela, the leader of the A N C Communists in 1994, it was done without a fight.

The A N C president Ramaphosa has just this month, passed a law that all White-owned property will be confiscated by the state, and given to the Black people, who according to him, are rightful owners. This video will show you clearly, why we, Boers are honor bound to never accept that!

 What the A N C is doing is considered morally wrong by most human civilizations, throughout the world even if the current ultra-liberal mainstream media refuse to report on the daily occurrences of horrendous, acts of murder rape and torture perpetrated specifically on White farmers by Black people.

This video which is backed up by solid evidence is an unbiased documentary created by a foreign Journalist.

As to why you ought to watch it, will become fully apparent, for regardless of where you are living in the world right now, the systematic annihilation of White people in a global context, is already happening in your country, as you read this post.

As an ex-soldier who fought in a 4 year long war on our South African northern border, against, Russian, Chinese, Cuban and North Korean supported and funded forces, consisting of regiments of, SWAPO, FRELIMO and A N C,  I can not find a peaceful solution to this current dilemma in spite of me being a serious humanitarian and one, for whom, war and hand to hand combat is no illusion.

NOTE: My research indicates that there are only 6 global media corporations and that almost all news is entirely scripted and that “public opinion” is obtained from 40 individuals referred to as media actors.

The video shows actual footage of who is ultimately behind this global White-genocide and why they want it to happen now…

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  1. I didn’t know that Boers were one of the earliest settlers on South Africa. I will have to watch the video. I have heard of the land issue. This is a sad development I didn’t know.
    On another note, isn’t it true that the whites were notorious for oppressing and exploiting the blacks? Because people who fought for freedom like Nelson Mandela did so because they were oppressed and denied many things like the whites.

    • Hello Alex, yes, I can well imagine what it must have sounded like to you. I heard in tonight’s news, Georgia in Russia want as many white South African farmers as they can get to come and farm there. Several of our farmers have gone there over the last few years since Mandela’s communist government took over here in 1994 and the Georgians are impressed with their knowledge of farming. Most of these Boers have been in the country for 100’s of years and don’t want to leave. Thanks for reading and commenting, Alex.

  2. Interesting topic. I did not know this was happening world wide. I just would like to see everyone getting on together as friends no matter what race they are.
    The real issue is that some people want everything all to themselves and are committed to keep it that way.

    • Sadly, this is so Pamela, the one thing we have absolute control over in life, is how we respond to situations and it has become crystal clear that folks will most often choose the path of least resistance. Thanks for visiting this post.

      • A lot of times, the real reason for racial prejudice is ignorance. Some years back, I found out that I had some racial prejudice for the news clip on crime in the NZ Herald. It did not give the opinion but formed it. Since then I am careful about what I read.
        The opinion I formed was completely wrong about the races and found out, if nothing else that there was nothing wrong with the race.

  3. Hello Carol, the video is well worth watching, and the Journalist has done a remarkable amount of research. I hope you can watch it later. If it doesn’t show, you can enter the title on YouTube and watch it from there. I have tested it on Virily and it was okay but, we all know the Internet is not an exact science, it’s up one moment and down the next. Thanks for reading my post. Regards, Andre.

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