The Absence Of Proof Is Not Proof Of Absence!

The Inconvenient symptoms of pain, Is that It hurts.~Andre’ Hartslief

My dear fellow Virillians, I wanted to ask you to pray for us here, dare I mention the country?

What the heck, I’ll say, the words that seem to have acquired a loathsome, evil ring to it, lately, namely the methodical extermination of the white minority tribe called”Afrikaners” or Boers, in South Africa, who are currently being methodically exterminated and their properties seized without compensation by the state, who claim ownership of the entire continent, in spite of widely agreeing, that South Africa is the birthplace of all humanity. (Cradle of Mankind), If this is indeed the case, then surely, it is both everyone’s property and no single group in particular. Another analogy is,  if one person had arrived in South Africa by ship, in stead of having walked here from the North, you have no claim, even if you arrived 150 years before the walkers from the North.

“White Farmers”, their wives and children, ages ranging from 95 years old to 18 months, even their guests are being brutally tortured for many hours and ultimately murdered, to the extent, whereby statistically, to be a White farmer in South Africa, right now, in 2018, is the most dangerous profession in the world, three times more dangerous than that of a South African policeman patrolling the streets in the Crime Capital of the world, more dangerous even, than being an American soldier in any combat situation and in any of its historic wars.

Our government refuses to see these attacks as acts of genocide or extermination of the white minority group of people, i.e. like the Rwandan genocide. and if these reports actually reach our news media, these atrocities are brushed aside as, nothing more than isolated cases of “bungled, or armed robberies gone wrong.” while in most cases, no valuables are ever stolen.

Why is it that the world-media refuses to acknowledge the existence of the phenomenon of the brutal and hateful systematic eradication of a specific group of people?

I believe, this is because in their hearts, they so deeply desire the Utopian story of Nelson Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation”, which is to be a beacon of light for the entire world, to be real, even though, facts to the contrary are blatantly and even painfully obvious. however sincere, Mr. Mandela’s ideals appeared to be at the time, they never came to fruition and has our country been sliding down a bloodied slope of Junk status, dire poverty, greed and hatred.

In the last 72 hours alone, there were 6 individual attacks on white farmers where the perpetrators consisted of large platoons acting with military precision, using AK 47 assault rifles, in some of these incidents these groups were wearing military camouflage uniforms and had on, bullet-proof vests, certainly no hungry homeless persons looking for some food.

I started off, saying, that I WANTED to ask you, my Virillian family of writers, with whom I frequently spend more time, than I do with my own family. A discrepancy or flaw, shared by all writers, and something I will not willingly depart from.

As I was saying, I had wanted to ask for your prayers, for there is great power in the single selfless act of prayer.

Now, I am not so certain, I am not being selfish, and still expect it, since it looks like perhaps we should all be praying in earnest, over the next few days, that the super-powerful nations, USA, Russia, China, India, Britain, Israel, Cuba and the Arab states, will not attack each other and we all loose, by instantly entering a nuclear winter which scientists say, will blank out and darken the sun for hundreds of years.

The reason being, that the two biggest arsenals, America and Russia hold enough thermal-nuclear warheads, to blow up our dear planet 50 times over! All of which is supposedly set to happen on or round-about the 30th April 2018

Kindly watch this video of a Black kid, using the voice of reason:


What do you think?


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  1. Hello, here in Europe I believe that we are not getting any or very few coverge of that situation.
    An ideia….have you tried to contact newspaper reporters, send them your message? I mean, write to 50 or 60 newspaper…I bet that you´ll be able to tell your story to a big audience. choose 2 or 3 from ech country, you´ll get results, you´ll see!!

  2. I was aware of the situation in South Africa. It has received some coverage in the USA, what little I’ve seen was on FoxNews, but not enough. The whole thing reminds me of Rhodesia when it became Zimbabwe. I will keep you and your country in my prayers.

    • Thank you so very much, on behalf of all Afrikaners Gary. Here is a link of two journalists who have visited our country on several occasions and have seen first hand what is going on here: Also, The American based movement called “American Renaissance” are fully aware and are engaged in efforts of bringing awareness to interested citizens. Regards, Andre’


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