Be connected (but be safe!_)

I remember when going from 256 k of ram on your computer to 512 k of ram on the computer more than doubled the performance of the system. Now the only system I own with less than 16 gigs of ram (or 32 times that old maximum) is my work PC at eight gigs. That, now that I read it sounds like bragging, but it is not meant as bragging. Computers have more space, memory and processor power now than they did back in the days I had an Apple IIc.

But then, we were oft disconnected. Now, computers are always connected. That changes the reality of home computing considerably. But all of that is water under the bridge now. You would never have had a connected home in the days of dialup connections. The waiting would have been annoying at best. The connected home, connected PC, connected car and now with smartphones the connected person, changes everything. The connection becomes more than a world and a process. It becomes the actual way we interact with technology.

The connection is such a huge part of what smart (insert device name here) bring to the modern world. But connection can be a bad thing as well. How many horror movies and sad stories start with “I didn’t have any bars on my phone.” The reality of connection and communication is the reality of failure. When you take an airplane (small) or boat out, you file a flight or float plan. Someone knows where you are going and for how long. You have more than one form of a communication device in the craft. Many people still wander off assuming their connected smartphone is enough. It isn’t. There are things that will help you stay connected better, without using just the cell phone. But when you do go away from home, always have a backup communication system. What does it hurt to carry a little extra weight knowing you are that much safer.


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. there’s so MUCH that can be on online & SO many ways to be online these days
    that it’s MIND boggling I got online back in 2009 & have been on it every sinse
    but I don’t shop online I mainly try to make what $ I can the best I can on here.
    But what you wrote makes sense & those that are not tech smart might like to
    know this kind of thing to learn something new so keep up the great info on this.


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